Left Behind

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In association with Abertay University, I Know a Guy Productions presents 'Left Behind' which is the directorial debut for Carla Begg as part of the Computer Arts BA Honours course.

A depiction of the stark reality of drug deaths in Scotland. This short film shows a glimpse of how drug related deaths effects the relationship of the family left behind. A hard-hitting short film that explores the social issues of drug abuse and how those who are directly affected cope with the aftermath. Showing the conflict emotions between a mother and father as they struggle to deal with the loss of their son.

Left behind is currently in the process of being submitted to film festivals around the world.

Below are some of the impressive storyboard sketches created by Director Carla Begg

Production Stills

Seylan Baxter as Mother
Joe Cassidy as Father
William Samson making sure to catch Joe's good side
Laughs on set
Joe and Seylan
DOP and Director
William Samson and Carla Begg
Time for your close up
Take 2
William, Carla and Craig
Joe Cassidy
Left Behind
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