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Dirty Water Season 1

Dirty Water is a new Scottish comedy that follows a rag tag group of cleaners that work for a low-rent cleaning company; The Eager Cleaners. Jock (the immature leader), Kaitlin (smart, cynical, chain-smoker), Boab (charming loud mouth) and Crawford (mild mannered, eccentric optimist) as they continuously find themselves in sticky situations that will take much more than a mop to clean up.

Episode 1 - Chop, Chop.

Jock is suddenly demoted from his team leader position after a number of complaints. The team are assigned a new team leader, Tony, who is a complete jobsworth and puts an end to the team's lackadaisical approach to their job and their health and safety procedures. Will he rise up and reclaim the role from the belligerent Tony, who is ruining his team's lives by making them do their job? Meanwhile, the local pub has hired a new barmaid, Jessica who has caught the attention of Boab.

Episode 2 - Stars in their Eyes.

The company boss Sharon, has decided to cover the cost of Tony's 'Bereavement Celebration Service' after his unfortunate death with a workplace accident. The service is a Stars in their Eye's themed wake, in which she has recruited the help of Jock in the hope to provide Tony with a fitting tribute and prevent his wife, Francesca from suing the company.

Episode 3 - Up to Scratch.

Kaitlin and Boab discover a dead body and as Jock is radioing into base they realise he is holding a winning scratch card worth £100,000. Jock convinces the group they should claim the winnings themselves but after a panic encounter with the police Crawford throws the scratch card in the bin. Can they recover the winning scratch card and perhaps a ticket out of cleaning stairs for a living?

Behind the Scenes

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