I Know a Guy Productions presents 'Freak' written by Anna Jordan, Directed by John Stuart, starring Holly Alexandra and Leah Moorhouse.


They think I am the most beautiful thing in the world. And I don't mind being a thing. I don't want their respect. I only want their animal desire.


Georgie is 30 with dirty secrets. She drinks in her bedroom and hides from the sun. Leah is 15 with teenage dreams. She practices her cum face and Veets. A lot. All-meat, all-sex, all-vulnerable, all-powerful. There's a first time for everything... Isn't there?

'Freak' was a small project for use to flex our muscles and keep busy during a quite period. Running for two nights only at East Kilbride Arts Centre on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th February 2017. Remember to subscribe to our email list to be kept up to date when we announce new productions. Below are some photo's taken by Kolin Ferguson.

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