Dirty Water

“It’s well-acted, genuinely funny and authentically, laugh-out-loud funny in its scathing language”
– The Scotsman
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"If ten people call you a horse, you better go buy a saddle"


Set in the housing schemes of Glasgow Dirty Water follows a misfit team of cleaners who work for the worst close cleaning service in the country - The Eager Beaver Cleaners. The merry band of lads are led by Jock, who is trying to come to terms with becoming a father for the first time, Boab "The Shagger", Crawford the functioning alky and man of wisdom and Brian the private school boy and struggling actor. When mounting complaints lead to their jobs hanging in the balance, mopping floors starts to look a little harder than they first thought.


Jock is in charge of the team, nominally. Crawford’s more interested in where his next drink is coming from. Boab has a more carnal outlook on life. And Brian is, like many actors down on their luck, is just doing the job to pay the rent until something better comes along – like a part in a decent play.


A story about friendship and the jobs we hate to do.

Dirty Water was the first production by I Know a Guy Productions back in 2012. In the beginning, we had no financial support so in order to raise funds to take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival we put on local fundraiser nights where the lads from the play performed The Full Monty (always a fun way to make money) along with small donations from local companies. We’ve come a long way from flyering door to door, rehearsing in a friend’s basement to now having opportunities to perform to a much wider audience. Below are some pictures of our progress through the years.

Full Cast
Crawford, Boab, Brian and Jock
Michelle Martin
Fringe Festival 2013
Fringe Festival 2013
Fringe Festival 2013
East Kilbride 2016
Fringe Festival flyer 2013
Dirty Water's first rehearsal 2012
Dirty Water first poster 2012