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Dirty Water - The Inspection

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“It’s well-acted, genuinely funny and authentically, laugh-out-loud funny in its scathing language”
– The Scotsman

"If ten people call you a horse, you better go buy a saddle"


Set in the housing schemes of Glasgow, Dirty Water follows a team of misfit cleaners; Jock, the team leader who’s trying to come to terms with becoming a Dad for the first time, Boab ‘The Shagger’ , Crawford the mentor with no wisdom and Kaitlin, the chain smoking, quick witted voice of reason, as they work for the worst cleaning company in the country – The Eager Beaver Cleaners. Contracted to clean the landings and stairways of the high flats and tenement buildings, the teams’ jobs hang in the balance as after a mounting number of complaints they will undergo an inspection from the council.


A story about friendship and the jobs we hate to do.

Starring the main cast from the STV sitcom, including Kirsty Strain (Burnistoun), John Stuart, Robert O’Donnell, and Joe Cassidy, along with director Charlie Francis. Dirty Water promises to be an unforgettable evening of laughter and entertainment containing auld humour.

Playwright, producer and actor John Stuart said: “The original play was centered around the guy cleaners but in developing the TV show we introduced the character Kaitlin (played by Kirsty Strain) which brought a whole new dynamic to the group. Doing the show live is such a rewarding experience as we feel the comedy connecting with the audience, something that we can’t get on a film set. So I’m really excited to bring this new version back to the theatre with the orginal cast from 2012 and also some new characters we introduced on the TV show.”

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