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The Point 2024/25

Review quotes from Fringe Festival

“This young theatre company is the real thing”

The Scotsman ****


“The talent of Burton, Frati and McErlane combined with the work of director Watt and writer Stuart makes for an unforgettable, emotional and extremely important production”

Edfringe ****


"The performances are brilliant. The audience cares deeply as we watch these three women try to hang on to their humanity while dreaming of escape" 

The Scotsman ****



2005 tour:

The Point is an innovative project that has yet to receive the recognition it deserves. Following a triumphant run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016, where it received stellar reviews, the project unfortunately had to be put on hold. However, excitingly, this year we are reviving the script and taking it into development. Our goal is to meticulously prepare the production for a highly anticipated tour in 2025. We are determined to bring this remarkable piece of work to a wider audience and showcase its brilliance on a broader scale. Stay tuned for more updates on casting and production oppertunities and be ready to be captivated by The Point in the near future.

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