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Below are all the clips that Gordon Dalziel talking about Dirty Water on Clyde 1 and if the show is made he will use this platform to promote interest. The first clip is actually how I made contact with him, all the following clips are after he agreed to sign on to the project.

On Clyde 1 SSBLegend - Gordon Dalziel
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Dirty Water Logo

Design work by Emma Swannack, this was our logo when the show was on tour.

The Beaver

The Beaver monologue, whistle always strong and powerful behind closed doors she has to deal with isolation and self doubt.

The Flying Tumbler

The local, although it's ambience is bare - The Flying Tumbler is full character.


The type of landings the lads will generally clean.


The type of landings the lads will generally clean.

The Tenements

The Tenements are the bread and butter for the company

Blank Flyer

Designed by Emma Swannack, this is one of our blank flyers which was also used at Fringe Festival

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